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20821 Meda (Monza Brianza)
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INFO ABOUT Salda Arredamenti Srl

SALDA has been producing craftsman-made top-quality furniture for 140 years, spreading the Italian quality and elegance throughout the world.

Founded in 1870 by the heir to one of Brianza's foremost families, Arcangelo Besana, and his wife (daughter of an old Milanese family of antique-dealers and furnishers to Austrian royalty), SALDA has for five generations guarded the secrets of its classic style: at once pure, unfussy, restrained and elegant, perfect for any time or place.
Today as yesterday, SALDA's articles are masterpieces of high craftsmanship, created from precious woods still hand-made by the best Italian cabinet-makers and inlay craftsmen and using more than 15.000 original patterns, jealously preserved in the Besana Family's private collection and archive.
Today, even more than yesterday, SALDA merges creativity, care, skill and ingenuity to get the most from its woodworkers' dexterity and create unique, unrepeatable pieces, appreciated all over the world as refined expressions of the quality and style that say "Made in Italy".
The firm's deeply hand-made character makes it highly flexible in creative terms, enabling SALDA to act as sole partner to many of the world's best interior decorators, architects and designers.
Craft handiwork guarantees a high degree of personalisation, which is an important stimulus for creative minds as well as a obsession for all who love beauty.
SALDA's furniture brings the warmth and elegance of wood to life in the most tasteful residences and the best Grand Hotels throughout the world.