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Via L. Ariosto 34
22060 Cabiate (Como)
  +39 031 767310
  +39 031 767310
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SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc
INFO ABOUT SanVito Angelo & Figli Snc

Thanks to their 50 years' experience, SANVITO ANGELO & FIGLI is a firm which keeps unchanged the taste and the pleasure to realize pieces of furniture according to the oldest handicraft traditions.

Thus, a piece of furniture can keep and hand on its history and the time gives reason to all who make handicraft a philosophy of life. Only who keeps these values is able to appreciate the pleasure of wood and brierwood working of the best essences.

To all who believe, like us, that the handiwork can not be substitued by large-scale production, we offer an example of our prestigious handicraft.