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Viale Italia 58
20823 Lentate sul Seveso (Monza Brianza)
  +39 0362 542367
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INFO ABOUT Sergio Villa Decorazioni

Carlo Rampazzi & Sergio Villa is a furniture line, born 10 years ago and still evolving. Objects are designed by Carlo Rampazzi and realized by Sergio Villa, thanks to his collaboration with high-range artisans.

The furnishings are stylish and full of colour, and they are able to transcend time and fashion, without losing their appeal. With these objects Carlo Rampazzi and Sergio Villa are continuously experimenting materials, shapes and finishings - time after time new and different - and the two artists often remix them, according to their inspiration and to customers' requests.

The showroom NOI Paris (14, rue de Lille, Paris) promotes and sells this furniture worldwide.