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Charming and magical place, fertile land of imagination and inspiration. The small island of Lido di Venezia, a thin strip of land immersed in the waters of the lagoon, where the natural environment goes hand in hand with the signs of tradition and recalls of current events, is the perfect setting in which Siru is born and becomes a leader in the sector for the production of blown Murano glass objects.

Founded in the late '80s by Rudy Marinotto, the company establishes its foundations according to a growing virtuosity that flows into chandeliers and lanterns for lighting, in which invention, design, knowledge of materials and mastery of processing processes of glass come together in unique pieces, objects for superfine palates.

A real research laboratory in the field of applied arts. From the fusion of the raw material, composed of sand and minerals, glass is born, a seductive material, versatile and malleable in a varied range of shapes, finishes, colors, decorations, which leaves ample room for the skilled hands of the master glassmaker. The classic metal cages, linear structures made up of numerous steel wires, are perfectly combined with the shapes of classic taste and those typical of modern design.

The production of blown glass, carried out in the kiln according to the ancient Murano techniques, continues to pass on the tradition of Italian craftsmanship that envies us in the world, where every artifact is unique, totally alien to the impersonal mass production of mass. The experience gained over the years has given the company the opportunity to create numerous customized projects both in the interior design and in the lighting of hotels, restaurants, shops, according to specific requests and needs of customers.