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35011 Campodarsego (Padova)
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Siwa Soft Style
INFO ABOUT Siwa Soft Style

SIWA SOFT STYLE is a brand owned by company Zandarin, an Italian firm who has made excellence its own productive philosophy. The owner, Silvano, once finished his studies, work in his fatherís company, leading pioneer in the production of sofas since the second half of the 40s.
In 1992 Silvano, willing to start his own business, established his company.

Over the years, the local distribution turns into an expansion towards international markets.
The initial classical production, closer to a tipical Italian taste, is accompained by a sought-after and elaborate glamour collection, to meet the tastes of a wider range of clients.
This evolution brought the company to embrace a new concept of contemporary lifestyle and to the creation of the new brand SIWA SOFT STYLE.