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Stile Elisa Mobili d'Arte

Via Cavazza 83
37051 Bovolone (Verona)
  +39 045 710 2370
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Stile Elisa Mobili d'Arte
INFO ABOUT Stile Elisa Mobili d'Arte

For decades, Stile Elisa has distinguished itself in the production of items of furniture made in Italy, for the excellent quality of the products and the careful processing of every detail of the piece of furniture, obtained thanks to the use of precious materials and the passionate work of the masters artisans who work with us in the relentless pursuit of the best.

Thanks to the long tradition of craftsmanship in woodworking and in particular in the creation of classic furniture derived from the styles in vogue in Italy and in European countries, in the 600s, 700s and 800s, taking direct inspiration from the most elegant classic styles, we create furnishings that allow a touch of style and personality to the environment.