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Via Valsugana 318/A
35010 San Giorgio in Bosco (Padova)
  +39 049 5996766
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For Stocco, the past, present and future share one common denominator: passion for furniture, attention to detail, and love of quality.
Stocco was established in San Giorgio in Bosco (Padua, Italy) back in 1969. The first furniture to emerge from the young company was solidly made, multi-functional, and essential. Over the years, however, Stocco built on these themes to establish the firm foundations of craftsmanship that are one of the company’s strong points today...
Today Stocco is a modern company, and a leading manufacturer in quality bathroom furniture, whose unique and Italian design is sought after all over Europe. Stocco’s owners have also secured the services of expert and experienced managers. Customer and market oriented, and decisively avant-garde, Stocco has chosen to remain a streamlined, compact company, precisely to pay maximum attention to customer needs.