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INFO ABOUT StoneBreakers

The Stonebreakers, are a firm made up of three people all graduated at the school of Art A. Corradini in Este, Italy. Our work group started this adventure in Artisan Workshops several years ago. Here we learn the classical craft of dealing with sculpturing and mastering such an ancient material as the Vicenza Stone. All our objects are sculptured by hand in front of a model and therefore can be considered as original pieces...

...any of our objects is sculptured with artisan care and patience, so every shape effects by the hand that aculptures it and gives it the uniqueness. So every our handmade is complete of Certificate of Authenticity Stonebreakers, with the signature of the author, date of execution and the prigressive nimber of the work.

The Material is called Nanto or Vicenza Stone and it has always been one of the most used stones in Veneto Villas and Garden; one of the greatest exponents of the use of Vicenza Stone was the famous architect Andrea Palladio. This material is extracted from mines near Vicenza so as not to spoil the hilly scenery of our landscape; being a sedimentary stone, it is characterized by the presence of fossils, shells and spots of oxides which are not to be considered as lessening its valve or beauty but as something which makes evident and enhance its naturalness and materiality. The Vicenza Stone, like all sedimentary stones is suitable for sculptures and benefits from a natural hardening process with time.