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INFO ABOUT Tonin Casa Srl


Tonin casa since 30 years is creating, with his concepts, a perfect synthesis of beauty and functionality, merging the feelings of trends together with genuine Italian Design.
The products of Tonin casa are manufactured by choosing fine and elegant materials, obtaining in this way, a very high level of safety and reliability. Each new collection considers very important the coherence of language and forms, so to transform the harmony of composition into a distinctive character, able to last over time.
For Tonin casa, high tech and materials are completed with value of love, present in all collections, because each piece has a soul: the soul of the person who chooses, for their homes.


Tonin CASA, established by Mr. Gianni Tonin, since more than 30 years is passion, research and elegance in furnishing.
The activity has begun in 1975 with production and sale of shoes cabinet and classic furniture. The fist catalogue was introduced in 1982.
Since 90's years starts the production of modern furniture, by presenting the first specific catalogues. Sales goes beyond Triveneto border area.
In the last 5 years, Tonin CASA has become a World Wide Trade Mark, exporting "Made in Italy". The continuous improvement and growth of the company, fidelity and confidence to customers, means a future where, in a lot of houses, Tonin CASA's products will be protagonists, class players and partner of life.


Tonin CASA's Headquarters, in his equilibrate and comfortable spaces, is the company's fulcrum of logistics and creativity, emphasizing attention to their employees and customers.
All production phases and rules are wrapped inside this structure, in a perfect and functional synergy: the administrative sector and workshops with the warehouse, the center style with the showroom dedicated to the classic and modern furnishing. The entire life cycle of a product is carefully coordinated, from prototyping to testing, finishing storage, sale.
You can find Tonin CASA's philosophy and his main goal, also in the structure of the head offices building: creating high quality products, capable of living next to people and take care.


Tonin casa is a guarantee of quality and experience of Made in Italy throughout the world.
The Italian Design is the center around which gravitate lines Tonin casa, the beating heart that drives innovation.
Constantly designers refer to the resources offered by the Italian style, whose values are preserved and handed down, in any stage of processing.
For Tonin casa "MADE IN ITALY" is a value, a style, a philosophy.


The purpose of Tonin casa is combine beauty and functionality, tradition and innovation, attention to details and cohesion of elements. The design developed by Italian talent combined with the passion and dedication led creations Tonin casa forward to a strong personality, and an entirely original character.
Thanks to a careful design to contemporary needs, both "classic" and most "modern and avant-garde" furnishing, become elegant and with clean forms, representing the unmistakable sign of Tonin casa.