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Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

Via Calabria 30
20036 Meda (Monza Brianza)
  +39 0362 70023
  +39 0426 340523
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INFO ABOUT Vimercati Snc di Sandro & Enrico

To construct furniture in Brianza is our trade. Since 1920. Style and quality are our points of force.

Style gives quality of life to furniture that are not ephemeral objects to last seasons, but furniture constructed to you in order to cross the life and to remain a family patrimony.

Vimercati is one of the last companies that still polishes its furniture in the translation way, with rubber varnish melted in alcohol and bees wax.

On this the extraordinary tact and the naturale transparency of the surfaces one depends on that are maintained in time.