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Tradition and innovation, pragmatism and creativity, the strength of metal and the lightness of ideas, those of designers and those of customers. Because at YDF the factory remains the beating heart where you give exact shape to every wish or need, even the most complex, with the accuracy of a bespoke tailoring. Beating heart where all began in the early Seventies. Engine, the passion for metalworking: a 360 handling for the creation of the most diverse objects, mainly pointed towards third companies within the furniture industry. Over time production and working techniques innovate and diversify, but stay anchored to its roots, that proudly sink in metal: iron, steel, stainless steel, brass, copper, bronze or aluminum.
YDF core competency is the custom fabrication in all metals: STAINLESS STEEL, IRON, BRASS, COPPER, BRONZE, TITANIUM, ALUMINUM and STEEL to realize furniture, boiserie, hanging systems, shop fitting, accessories, stairs, hand railings, balustrades and sculptures.
Among the processing techniques offered: laser cut, milling, bending, welding and finishes like chrome plating, powder coating, bronzing, polishing, brushing and waxing.
YDF and its staff follow all phases of interventions, ensuring the customer an absolutely reliable and solid result, with rapidity and with an excellent quality/price ratio.
Thanks to the actual qualified staff, YDF is able to follow all project phases, offering the required support to provide a complete service and above all a personal relationship based on mutual trust:
- A team of competent designers
- A flexible production structure, combined with care of each detail and high quality standards
- A skilled workforce to carry out installations.