Mountain Altar

by VGnewtrend

Console in curved glass and wood

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Collection: Furniture

In its original use, this console would serve as an altar table at the centre of worship in Chinese homes or Buddhist temples. The modern Mountain Altar is a semi-clear bent glass console, sitting on top of a glass-mountain featuring intricate ancient wood inlays.

This style of mountain is a typical oriental item, often painted in so called “Mountain Water” paintings (Shan Shui), reflecting the yin and yang of harmony and peace. The solid and very premium bent glass console, in combination with the finely crafted glass mountain, is an elegant piece of furniture, light and fluid and at the same time commanding attention to its beauty.

It works well as a sideboard and can stand alone as a room’s centre piece, against a wall, or blend in with there home decor.

Designed by the Chinese architect and interior designer Lea Chen for VG, manufactured by Venetian craftsmen.