Structure protect children for stoves, easy to install

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Collection: Firestyle

Scudy is the new protection for stoves and fireplaces, in painted steel, patented by FIRESTYLEŽ. Recommended for the stoves made of steel or glass, Scudy installs easily by inserting the appendix under the stove and it works immediately. Easy, simply Scudy.

The "protect child" line of FIRESTYLEŽ consists of screens for protect the stove and fireplace patented by FIRESTYLEŽ. Made of painted steel, not cluttered and is able to satisfy every kind stove.

Kalámi must rest on the door frame. Make sure the door is made of iron or cast iron. Measure the glass and increase of a few centimeters to find the correct model for your problem solution.
FIRESTYLEŽ produces, on request, Kalámi customized.

The FIRESTYLEŽ collection, accessories for stoves and fireplaces, was born from an authentic passion for the home and enriches it with additional values. The elegant refinement of leather, the sinuous forms of steel and wood, the charm of artisan craftsmanship is the perfect combination of Italian design. To add pleasure and beauty to the fire, in any space, beyond time.

Scudy 74: 70 x 39 x 10 cm
Scudy 84: 80 x 39 x 10 cm
Scudy 85: 80 x 50 x 13 cm

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