Solar energy street lamp with remote control – LS030LED

by ProduceShop

Street lamp with photovoltaic panel, for pedestrian areas

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Collection: Lighting

Solar street light LED with integrated solar panel and remote control, perfect for illuminating paths bike lanes and pedestrian areas.

Lanterns with solar energy designed to have potent and long-lasting illumination.
E 'with a practical remote control to set: on / off, power lighting, timer.

It installs easily on a pole, or wall mounted, using the appropriate bracket and does not need any electrical connections already being all wired in the same lamppost. The luminous flux that is able to supply is 1000 Lumen with its 30 super LEDs allows the lighting of an area of about 90 square meters.

Thanks to the 6.8 Watt solar panel installed in the lamppost body will always have the optimum charging of the internal batteries. The to 12000 mAh internal lithium battery allows the ignition of the solar lamp post for at least 4 consecutive days even in the absence of solar radiation. This solar street lamp is ideal for the lighting of gardens, streets, squares, public parks, car parks.

Mode A: The lighting of the lamp takes place independently operated by the evening twilight sensor with the set light to a minimum (150 lumens). The motion sensor does actuate the brightest light (500 lumens) for the duration of 30 seconds.

Mode B: With the remote control you can operate the light in 1000 or 500 lumens (choice) for a period of 1 or 2 hours (your choice). At the end of the A will reactivate automatic mode.

Fixing the streetlight it can be done on the pole via the supplied bracket (excluding stake) or more and a wall through the supplied stand

Technical features:
- Stylish and functional design with aluminum body
- Dimensions 450 x 465 x 86 mm
- Material: Aluminum and Polycarbonate
- 30 LEDs high brightness, brightness of 1000 lumens
- Solar panel 6,8W - lasting 10 years
- Sensor day / night and motion sensor
- Adjustable angle ° 0-15-30
- Easy to install
- Solar panels from 6.8W polycrystalline
- Lithium batteries: 12000 mAh 3.7V
- LED: 500 lumens Brightness - 1000Lumens
- Intelligent power management modes: automatic shutdown during the daily charge
- Remote control included
- Light Duration: 30 hours
- Installation height 3-4 meters
- Degree of protection IP68 to weather
- Working temperature: -25 ° C to 65 ° C
- Battery life: 4-5 years