Royal Medicinal Cabinet

by VGnewtrend

Cabinet with drawers

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Collection: Furniture

The Chinese apothecary cabinet is called Yaochu, or also hundred-eye cabinet. These cabinets historically have numerous pull-out drawers to store herbs and ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine.

Royal Medicinal Cabinet re-imagines the classic apothecary cabinet as a confident and superbly designed furnishing piece that compliments dining rooms, hallways and living areas. Its drawers are framed by a 24k gold finish top-board and rounded stand. The drawer interior details include a red finishing, separating the outside and inside, as well as solid 24k gold finish knobs that add value to the elegant appearance.

Designed by the Chinese architect and interior designer Lea Chen for VG, manufactured by Venetian craftsmen.

dimensions: 106,5 x 38 x h 158 cm