AMARILLO Modern design swivel chrome and stool for kitchen and bar - SGA800AMA

by ProduceShop

Stool with chromed frame and leatherette seat

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Bar stool for kitchen and public places, 360 ° revolving, chromed frame and leatherette seat with adjustable height with backrest and footrest perfect for furnishing with style and elegance their rooms

Amarillo Stool is the perfect product for those who love modern and elegant style, in fact, thanks to the exclusive leatherette seat and the elegant shape of the backrest, Amarillo stool will give a modern touch to your home and your bar.

The structure of the Amarillo stool is made of extra-resistant steel able to ensure strength and strength even after years of intense use, the carefully positioned footrest to maximize the well-being and comfort of the user is also made of extra-thin steel and in synergy with the broad base guarantees unparalleled stability.

The Amarillo stool seat is adjustable in height and allows 360-degree use without affecting the stool's stability, the user will be free to move comfortably and sip their drinks without the annoying feeling of imbalance that usually the stools of low quality I can cause.

Choosing an Amarillo stool means relying on an exclusive product of the highest quality that can remain unchanged and efficient over time even with intensive use. Amarillo is the perfect product for those who want to furnish and give their environments with a modern and whimsical style without but renouncing the functionality and quality of a high-end stool.

Technical features of Amarillo bar and kitchen stool:

Dimensions: 34 cm x 52 cm
Material: Artificial leather, Chrome steel
Total height: 89 -111 cm
Weight: 8.5 kg
Easy to assemble, instructions included in the package