Sinfonia upholstered bed

by Arredoclassic Srl

Upholstered quilted double bed, with sinuous spiral

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Collection: Sinfonia

The Importance of Contrasts

The restrained and clean elegance of the soft padding of the headboard makes way for the gold mounts to unleash all their creative potential. The balanced lines of the padded finish are in perfect counterpoint to the sinuous curves of the decorative system enhancing not only the headboard but also the supports, elegantly raising the base of the bed from the floor in an elegant and robust gesture.

Staged With Elegance

The sleeping area of the Sinfonia collection is opulent, precious and elegant. An intense base movement characterises the entire collection in the tradition dictated by Italian Baroque design. The luminous gilding renders each piece special with nothing left to chance: from the finely crafted mirrors to the decoration of the feet of every furnishing. A hark back to the Golden Age of Italian classical design in a whirlwind set design of sinuous lines, exuding pathos and theatre.

Music in Space

Baroque richness, opulence and charm, the base notes that underpin the Sinfonia collection. A collection designed to impress with its sophisticated and eclectic taste, which only the Italian baroque can give. The elegant gilding swirls along the surfaces like stucco in a continuous and always unique manner, dancing in space with a lightness of touch which is true of objects that tell their and our history.

Italian Size Upholstered Bed: W194 D214 H145 cm
Queen Size Upholstered Bed: W194 D225 H145 cm
King Size Upholstered Bed: W232 D225 H145 cm


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