Sinfonia chaise longue Vittoria

by Arredoclassic Srl

Chaise longue with arched arms, classic luxury style

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Collection: Sinfonia

The Grace of Luxury

Whether in the centre of a room, propped against a corner or used to close off the lines of a furnishing space, the Victoria chaise longue from the Sinfonia collection will add grace and poise to your space. The arms open outwards in a soft arch and the comfortable seating is the ideal place to take a break, surrounded by the exquisite fabric available to choose from for your own small and unique home luxury.

Protagonists of the Living Area

The Sinfonia collection living room is your best calling card. Refined, elegant and embellished through exquisite and customised fabrics, the Sinfonia living room really adds a unique touch to your lifestyle. Everything has been designed to make you the protagonists of your domestic space starting from the quality and design of the sofas. The design quality extends from the wall units to the glass cabinets, furnishing solutions to harmonise with your ideal living area, with no note out of place.

Music in Space

Baroque richness, opulence and charm, the base notes that underpin the Sinfonia collection. A collection designed to impress with its sophisticated and eclectic taste, which only the Italian baroque can give. The elegant gilding swirls along the surfaces like stucco in a continuous and always unique manner, dancing in space with a lightness of touch which is true of objects that tell their and our history.

W170 D68 H72 cm

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