Scent of flowers coffee table

by Buttinoni Intarsi

Prestigious artisanally decorated coffee table

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Collection: Luxury Lab

Square coffee table with Australian mother-of-pearl pavè veneer, refined floral motifs, baroque-style pseudo-ivory inlay works finished with Indian ink engravings; undermount panel with inlaid tableau; elegantly engraved and gilded baseplate.

Within the Luxury Lab collection, Scent of Flowers eludes the mere definition of table. It is in fact a harmonious constellation of flower bouquets, a soft and light composition that gives only hints of its fragrance thanks to the many racemes and floral ensembles – never excessive – placed within a large ornate frame, that stand out against a mother-of-pearl background, sometimes sibilant and always in perpetual movement.
What catches the eye is the perfect harmony between the rich ornaments and the extensively illuminated mother-of-pearl: an ideal dance between full and empty spaces, between dark and extremely iridescent shades culminating in a well-balanced union thanks to the circle that encompasses it all with harmony.
The square top holds the entire inlaid work. It very gently rests on the elegantly gilded segment, with the recurring flower motif recreated in the three-dimensionality typical of the engraved wood.
The more watchful eye cannot miss the return of the mother-of-pearl in the precious tableau set between the elaborate curves of the engravings that find a solution to their sinuous progress in the delicate ground supports.

145 x 145 x h 46 cm.