Imperial mirror

by Buttinoni Intarsi

Mirror with mother-of-pearl frame, carved and covered in white gold

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Collection: Luxury Lab

Engraved mirror covered in pure white gold; internal frame made of mother-of-pearl chips.

Amongst Luxury Labís new products, the large Imperial mirror surely dominates the scene as a precious object with a fresh design but perfectly consistent with classical tastes and timeless elegance. Confidently rearing upwards, it does not go unnoticed thanks also to the mother-of-pearl chips that frame, without being an obstacle or creating too much thickness, the large central mirror. The pavť, like a pattern full of light, snakes its way between the thin inner outline along the edges of the mirror and the refined volutes and floral motifs decorative apparatus of the external frame.
The radiance of the gold leaf caresses the soft and ample shapes of the pattern and brings out the entire mirror and travels all around it culminating in its decorative top, that boosts the preciousness of the materials, giving it just the right height.
Itís a sheer joy for the observer to find oneself within such a majestic frame, itís a great fortune being able to reflect oneself in an object that not only frames, but also floods and pours its light over the viewer so that he becomes the enriched object of a sumptuous scene.
In the meantime, only the envy of the mother-of-pearl that cannot mirror itself, grows and can do nothing but remain fixed at the sides.

152 x h 175 cm.