Cot professional massage beautician - LM190LUP

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Professional massage bed, practical and comfortable

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Collection: Massage tables

Cot professional fixed massage, multi-position with armrests, perfect for beauticians, physiotherapists and masseurs, made with hypoallergenic materials and high quality to ensure comfort and convenience for all types of clients.

Massage table fixed multi-position, ideal for those seeking a professional sunbed which is suitable for all needs, stable and robust for spa treatments, massage, tattoo sessions, osteopathy physiotherapy etc.. Made of beech wood and equipped with foam pillow thickness of 10 cm, this fixed massage table is the maximum of comfort and solidity. Covered in faux leather, 2 lift areas, reclining.

Technical features:
- 2 control zones and face hole
- Built-in armrests
- Possibility of backrest and footrest adjustment
- Ideal for physical therapists, aesthetic and wellness professionals
- Fixed version, for those who always uses
- 2 differentiated zones of hardness, maximum comfort
- Structure: beechwood
- Bed Length: 190cm (with external restraint: 225cm)
- Width: 72 cm
- Adjustable height: 58 cm minimum, maximum 77 cm
- Bed Weight: 27 kg (with accessories: 31 kg)
- Cushion thickness: 10 cm, maximum comfort
- Quality Leatherette upholstery
- Dynamic load: 250 kg
- Certifications: CE
- 24 months warranty

Included Accessories:
- External Headrest
- Armrest under the headrest