Armchair IRest SL-A386 Professional Massage Acupressure ROYAL - PM386ROY

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Massage chair with acupressure

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IRest Royal is a first level massage chair, equipped with all the latest technological discoveries for our psychophysical wellbeing, from intelligent sensors for the scanning of our body up to the function of magnetic therapy and infrared heating, for a feeling of health and relaxation deep and total, always at our disposal.

iRest Royal is the latest invention in the field of professional massage chairs, equipped with innovative and effective technologies. Designed with an internal system able to scan the lines of our body and process the data collected in order to use its airbags, its magnets, rollers and air pumps according to the specific needs of the user. The 3D massaging hands of the Royal massage chair move with precise and calibrated movements in the smallest detail. The combination of these intelligent scanning systems with the precision guaranteed by 28 airbags, air pumps, infrared heating systems and magnets, allows the massage chair to completely cover the muscles of the back, arms and legs, up to feet. The massage in this way is deep and complete, with nothing to envy to the hands of a professional masseur.

Royal's Innovative Features Compared to Shuttle, Heaven and competing products:

1. Magnetic therapy: 8 permanent 300CC magnets placed on the calf to stimulate traditional therapeutic points.

2. Infrared heat function: positioned in the lumbar area to relieve the most common pain from fatigue or incorrect position.

3. Total massage in the upper and lower limbs, with areas dedicated to cervix and loins.

The Royal massage chair combines the best of technology with the best of modern and traditional physiotherapy to offer detailed and complex massage programs, with patterns developed by processing data collected from 3D sensors. The massage offered to us is thus more profound and complete, with vibrations and warmth that add operational dimensions that complete the sensation of relaxation and well-being. This extreme effectiveness is the combined result of highly advanced and precise technologies with the knowledge derived from modern and traditional physiotherapy that help to identify the focal points where to intervene and the best way to do it.

The Royal massage chair is also equipped with innovative features that make it operational and functional even in a small space. The Zero Gravity system, designed to bring the body in a horizontal position in order to unload the body weight completely and homogeneously, maximizes the impact of the massage and offers a sensation of pleasant floatation to the user for maximum relaxation. A simple gesture activates the Zero Gravity function without creating excessive encumbrance with respect to the stand-by position, while the Zero Space function makes the chair operative even if positioned only 5 cm from a wall.

The iRest Royal massage chair also uses its ergonomic shape, which follows the so-called LS shape of our body, to perform a deep massage that also involves the spine. The magnetic therapy is instead operated in the lower limbs to combat the low levels of magnetite in the body, while the infrared treatment is used to deepen the lumbar area, often the victim of fatigue or incorrect positions taken during the day. It is easy to understand how the massage of this massage chair is deep and complete.

The 3D massaging "hands" follow movements and operate functions derived directly from massage techniques of professional masseurs. In addition, intelligent systems scan body lines ensuring that every movement follows the correct path in every situation. The mapping of pressure points is very precise and the presence of numerous pre-set programs allows us to have the possibility to choose our favorite massage, without anything forbidding us to set our favorite massage in the way we want: a large number of airbags, air pumps and rollers in fact allows a high number of possibilities. In automatic we can choose between 6 preset programs:

Relax: for the evening, not too long, to dispose of all the fatigue of the day.

Total: complete massage, which touches every focal point in a scientific way.

Neck and shoulders: particularly suitable for those suffering from cervical, but highly enjoyable by anyone.

Painkiller: melts and warms muscles, inspired by the Gua Sha method of the Eastern tradition.

Back and hips: suitable for everyone, but especially for those who want to reactivate or relax the lower limbs.

Comfortable: for the elderly, total but sweet. particularly relaxing and with benefits also for the skin.