GIULIA Recliner Relax Chair with Footrest included made of High-Quality Faux Leather - SR611PUN

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Reclining armchair with footrest

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Are you looking for something to add more comfort and elegance to your daily life? Then our Le Roi du Relax ALICE recliner chair is what you were definitely looking for. You can place it in your living room, sleeping room or in the office and you will see, that it suits perfectly any kind of furniture. You will have the chance to recline the backrest and extend the seat, reaching the best comfort you could wish.

Comfort is definitely the first criterion to take into account when you decide to buy a relax armchair, but not the only one. You cannot indeed disregard the aesthetic factor. You must choose the perfect armchair, that will adapt itself to your interiors, or you could simply opt for something completely different and focus your whole home design on this part of the furniture choosing a bizarre style and unique colour.

Our GIULIA relax armchair is equipped with a smart reclining mechanism to easily recline the backrest and lift its practical and useful footrest, in order to align feet and hearth and enjoy a perfect blood circulation.

The Le Roi du Relax GIULIA recliner chair will meet all of your needs for mental and especially physical health. Thanks to its extremely smooth and soft backrest, polyurethane padding and 2 practical and convenient armrests it will meet all of elderly people's specific needs, like mobility problems, or giving them the chance to fully enjoy the relax moments they deserve, like watching TV or reading a book.

Choosing amongst so many relax armchair is always hard, but our GIULIA will blow any kind of doubt away and you will finally experience the real ultimate relax and comfort.

Technical Characteristics GIULIA Relax Armchair:

Overall size: 75x95x103cm (WxDxH)
Solid and steady structure, high payload
Reclining backrest and footrest raising through handy manual system
Material: polyurethane padding
Upholstery: first-choice elegant faux leather, easy to clean
Several colours available
Design: modern, 100% Made in Italy
All raw materials are of high quality in compliance with current regulations
The positions of the armchair are adjusted by the side lever, backrest and footrest work in synergy to maximize relaxation and comfort.
We do not deliver upstairs, as the package is easy to transport for 2 people.
Collection of second-hand items is not possible.