Chair DAW Eames armrests design kitchen bar waiting room - SD638PPL

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Eames Daw chair

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Chair design Eames DAW a model with a simple and functional design, designed and created by a seat with polypropylene armrests and legs in high quality wood, perfect for furnishing a study, living room, bar and waiting room.

The DAW chair also known as DSW WOODEN ARM is a chair model similar to the Eames Daw unique in its kind for its ability to combine practicality and comfort with elegance and elegance.

The elegance of the DAW chair allows it to adapt itself to the best in various contexts of household items, such as a living room or a living room, but also in public spaces such as waiting rooms, studios or lounge bars.

His first design dates back to 1948 when he was created to participate in the "Low Cost Furniture Design" contest at the New York Museum where he overcame the competition and became the first mass-produced plastic chair.

Its strength of the Daw chair is its material that has high dowries of modeling, rigidity, pleasant tactile qualities and its adaptability to production methods. With this material, previously unknown to the modile industry, they have successfully developed cover designs for mass production.

From the DAW chair you can notice a character of originality given by its components, the wooden legs that were made taking inspiration from the Eiffel Tower and its seat with polypropylene armrests designed to maximize the degree of comfort and adapt ergonomically to the body lines.

The Daw chair creates a fascinating contrast between wood and the base, this beautiful chair with a unique design allows you to create mixtures of combinations of different colors obtaining a result also appreciated by the most demanding eyes.

The daw chair has been designed and built by AHD not only to satisfy the aesthetic sense and comfort, but also to guarantee strength and resistance over the years.

Daw chairs features:

Total dimensions: 82x62x51 cm
Seat dimensions: 51x62 cm
Seat height from the floor: 44.5 cm
Leg width on the side: 62 cm
Made of first quality virgin plastic (not in regenerated plastic)