Logica White Stool 01

by Linea Fabbrica Srl

White stool for elegant offices

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Collection: DESIGN operative

A single seating with two completely different characters. The two versions, white and black, make the seat easily adaptable to different work spaces: innovative, functional, dynamic and creative.

Backrest: Polyamide and fiberglass structure, fire retardant self-supporting mesh.
Seat: Multilayer wood inner seat, polypropy-lene outer seat.
Padding: Fire retardant cold-molded polyurethane foam (seat).
Lumbar support: Height-adjustable.
Armrests: Fixed or adjustable.
Mechanism: Synchronized multi-block, synchronized multi-block with or without sliding seat, synchronized multi-block with sliding seat and seat angle-adjustment, weight-activated synchronized with travel restriction, weight-activated synchronized multi-block.
Base: Nylon or polished aluminium with castors or fixed feet.
Headrest: Adjustable, fire retardant self-supporting mesh.
Foot ring: Chromed adjustable foot ring.

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