Lamppost 24 LED Solar Twilight Street And Garden STREET

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Outdoor lamp with twilight sensor

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Collection: Lighting

The STREET twilight street light and 24 LED movement sensor with solar panel has a luminous intensity of 1000 lumens indicated to illuminate streets, avenues, courtyards and gardens.

STREET is the solar street lamp designed to give a powerful and lasting lighting to outdoor environments not reached by electrical connections. The photovoltaic panel mounted has a power of 7 Watt 5.5 V, its maximum charge is reached after 11/12 hours of solar reception ensuring light duration for 365 days a year.

The ideal use for the STREET led street light is for streets, parking lots, squares, boulevards and gardens. Its design makes it immune to bad weather and from external agents in fact has the IP65 waterproof certification. The life of the lamp is guaranteed for at least 50000 hours of ignition thanks to its 3.7V 13000 mAh lithium battery and its 7 Watt 5.5 Volt solar panel.

Once assembled it does not require any kind of maintenance, only a superficial cleaning of the panel in case of excessive dirt.

The STREET lamp is automatic thanks to the twilight optical sensor which activates when the light falls.

Our technicians are available for any extraordinary maintenance.

STREET solar led street light operation:
The lamp automatically switches on at nightfall thanks to the twilight sensor, with a reduced brightness of 50% until the morning.
The integrated sensor activates the light at maximum intensity 1000 Lumens for 30 seconds or until it detects movement.
The light intensity is therefore 500 Lumens up to the morning and 1000 Lumens at each motion detection.
Features solar led street lamp STREET:

LED Color: Cold Light
Luminous flux: 1000 Lumens
Solar panel: 7 Watt 5.5 V
Led number: 24
Led power: 10 Watt 3.7 V
Material: Aluminum
Light sensor
Tempered glass
Degree of protection: IP65
Lamp dimensions: 27 x 19.5 x 52 cm (Width x Height x Depth)
Light operation: 500 Lumens up to the morning + 1000 Lumens with motion detection

Attention: the pole is not included in the price. The diameter of the pole needed to fix the lamp is at least 60mm