Street Lamp Photovoltaic Solar Photovoltaic Garden SQUARE Park

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Outdoor lamppost with photovoltaic panel

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Collection: Lighting

The crepuscular street light SQUARE led is the outdoor light with solar panel ideal for areas not reached by the electrical system such as the garden, the courtyard or the park.

SQUARE is a led lamp powered by a photovoltaic panel that offers a luminous intensity of 1500 lumens for 365 days a year, its maximum charge reaches it after being exposed to the sun for 11/12 hours. Its operation once installed is automatic, the ignition is crepuscular, ie when the light goes on it does not need any kind of maintenance.

The solar garden lamp SQUARE is an excellent solution to illuminate areas that are not reached by the electrical system, therefore ideal for large parks, courtyards, access roads and private roads.

The solar lamp SQUARE has been studied and carefully designed to the smallest detail, in fact its components are all of the highest quality, the life of the solar panel is guaranteed for 25 years.

Twilight solar led street light SQUARE operation:

The light is switched off during the day when the battery is charging
The light turns on gradually as night falls (when the evening light reaches a parameter <10lux)
The ignition takes place automatically
For any technical problem our assistants are always available.
The light intensity is therefore 750 lumens at night and 1500 lumens at each movement detection.

Technical features twilight solar led lamp SQUARE:

LED Color: Cold Light
Luminous flux: 1500 lumens
Led number: 60
Solar panel: 30 Watt
LED power: 15 Watt
Battery: 12V 12AH Lithium
Light sensor
Material: aluminum
Lamp dimensions: 51 x 51 x 23 cm
Weight: 8.2 Kg
Light operation: 750 lumens until morning + 1500 lumens with motion detection