poly rattan outdoor bar table 90 x 90 cm Boheme - S7090

by ProduceShop

Garden square coffee table, in various colors

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Collection: Coffee Tables

Weather resistant and weatherproof. Long life!
Suitable for bar, hotel, public places, restaurant, private residence...

It's a very high quality product. MADE IN ITALY

“GRANDSOLEIL” POLY RATTAN TABLE 90 X 90 X 74 cm (height)
- Plastic table for bars, hotels, public facilities, pizza, gardens and pools.
- Colour: White, Brow, Charcoal, Juta
- Very sturdy, poly rattan top and legs
- Modular, space saving when not used
- Beautiful design
- Adjustable leg height to prevent rocking
- Size 90 x 90 x 74 cm (length, width, height)
- Weight 6,2 kg
- Note: Unlike other plastic tables on the market, this quality plastic table is very sturdy.