Dog bed cot aluminum deckchair animal dog bed DOGGY - LC104TEX

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Aluminum dog bed

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Dog bed in aluminum and washable textilene fabric, ideal for dogs of any size thanks to the sturdy structure that can carry up to 85 kg, perfect for giving comfort and relaxation to your pet

Doggy is the aluminum bed for exteriors and interiors that you can use as a practical bed for your dog.
Equipped with anodized aluminum structure and textilene fabric it is a robust, hygienic and easy to clean product. It will become a comfortable kennel for your 4-legged friend, which will protect him from the cold from the ground and underfloor heating.
Suitable for both large dogs and puppies and small pets, the Doggy portable dog bed is perfect for the garden, but can also be used indoors.

Technical features:

- Anodized aluminum structure, steel screws
- Perfect isolation from the ground
- Convenient support surface
- Leg opening with a new finger guard system and safety lock (the legs do not close by themselves)
- Structure diameter 45 x 45 cm thickness 1,2 mm
- Fabric: washable textilene
- Open bed measures: 104 x 72 x 31 cm (length, width, height from the ground)
- Closed bed measures: 104 x 72 x 7 cm (length, width, thickness)
- Weight: 3.25 kg
- Delivery: over 85 kg