Modular platform for events, easy to (dis)assemble

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Collection: Accessories

Movable dance floor for indoor use, available also in a version for outdoor use. Made of panels and edges, that can be easely and quickly assembled and disassembled by a allen key. Panels square 95x95cm and 27mm high; weight 17Kg. Top of the panel for indoor use in mosaic real natural oak parquet or in plastic laminate imitation of natural oak; frame of the panel in natural aluminium. For outdoor use, top in a waterproof screen print board coated with a hard wearing phenolic film overlay in dark brown colour. Panels and edges link each other by a mechanism moved by an allen key. Edges in aluminium 95cm wide and 10cm deep. They are anodized and available either in gold colour either in natural natural colour; on request, also in black colour. Panels and edges give maximum flexibility to shape and fit the layout. Dance floor is safe, very stable, robust and has a high load capacity. Made of fully recyclable materials. Available a trolley for the transportation and storage of 25 panels and relevant edges in vertical position. Entirely manufactured in the European Community.

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