Removable platform for discos and parties

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Movable illuminated acrylic dance floor for indoor use with an innovative brickwork design, made of panels and edges needing no screws or tools for assembly. Set up and recovery times are impressively faster than competing floors with screw or twist lock mechanism. Panels are available in two sizes, rectangular 121.6x60.8cm and square 60.8x60.8cm, and are 28mm high; they give maximum flexibility to shape and fit the layout. Panels are made of a slip-stop aluminium frame fitted with 6mm solid Altuglas® PMMA acryl. Acrylic panels are provided with high quality led lights and allow to be more artistic, creative and attractive to final users. Rectangular panels are either black and white, either fully white or fully black; square panels are either white either black. Consequently it is possible to create dance floors either with a black and white checkerboard effect, either fully white or fully black. Altuglas® acryl is a low-density rigid material, as clear as crystal, it transmits and reflects light better than the finest glass and, when body-tinted, diffuses light and enables tinted lighting systems to be created. Despite its natural hardness, Altuglas® acryl may become scratched: it can then be made as good as new, simply by polishing using a made to purpose polish. A led floor controller is available as well. Nonslip silver aluminium edging is available in two lenghts, 121.6cm and 60.8cm, and in one width, 7.6cm; on request, black powder coated edging is available as well. This dance floor is safe and robust, and needs an absolute minimum of maintenance; it has to be only mopped, dried and stored in a well-ventilated and dry area. A made to purpose trolley is available for quick and effortless transport and storage; each trolley holds a 501x501cm complete dance floor. Trolley is sized to fit through standard single width doorways. This dance floor is ideal for hotels, restaurants, caterers and companies organizing events, shows and weddings. It is entirely manufactured in the European Community.

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