Caloi by Eredi Caloi Srl - Ariosto Teather

Reggio Emilia - Italy

Ariosto Theater - Reggio Emilia

The Ariosto Teather in Reggio Emilia

In mid-January has reopened, after a year of work, the eighteenth-century Ariosto Theater in Reggio Emilia; born as Politeama, it is one of the most important theaters in Italy.

The redevelopment has completely renewed the theatre and also involved the 600 seats of the auditorium and the gallery, replaced in its entirety and provided by Caloi.
In collaboration with the project management, the chosen model is Caloiís LUGANO chair, built in to the new theater heating system via the ventilation diffusers located below each seat.
The velvet upholstery, the wooden accessories (perforated underseat panel and backrest panel) are in harmony with the wooden floor made of spruce from Val di Fiemme and the functional adaptation of the theater that made it suitable for all types of representation and more comfortable for spectators.

The new decor inside Ariosto Teather