Caloi by Eredi Caloi Srl - New Campus of the Faculty of Medicine

Hradec Králové - Czech Republic

Ateneo 2.014, University of Hradec Králové

Recently completed the project offers an interesting reference of brilliant application for the Caloi system "Ateneo 2014".

By combining simplicity and clean lines with the color changes in the upholstering of the seats, the spaces of the Faculty of Medicine of Univerzity Karlovy Hradec Kralove, not far from Prague, were equipped.
The Caloi product, well integrated with the extremely modern and essential surroundings, two auditoriums of 350 and 250 seats were provided with fixed bench, including electrification and data connection. Always with "Ateneo 2014" 6 smaller rooms of 30 and 24 seats have been furnished, as above with connection to the Internet and the possibility of electrical connection for charging laptop or iPad too. Finally, the only group backrest- tip-up seat was used to prepare the seatings of the library.
You can then see how with a simple, versatile and competitive product, a remarkable aesthetic result has been achieved and a further step in to the internationalization of our company towards the Eastern European markets has been moved.