Auspicious Dresser

by VGnewtrend

Wide and low chest of drawers

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Collection: Furniture

Auspicious Dresser is a re-imagination of a large and low cabinet that would traditionally be placed in the centre of a Chinese living area or, in the colder North, would be placed in front of the heated kang, a traditional family-size bed made of bricks.

These dressers would contain everyday items, and sometimes included secret compartments for storing valuables. Auspicious Dresser is intended to function as a storage piece in a large wardrobe or be placed in the bedroom. As a low side drawer it also can beautifully appoint a dining or living area.

Auspicious Dresser is a modern chest of drawers in glossy lacquered blue, with 12 drawers in matt lacquered blue and red background. The base and knobs are in 24k gold finish steel.

Designed by the Chinese architect and interior designer Lea Chen for VG, manufactured by Venetian craftsmen.

dimensions: 106,5 x 38 x h 59 cm