2 Seater Leatherette Sofa Bed Recliner Backrest Container And Pockets AMBRA Pronto Letto

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Sofa bed with newspaper pockets

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Collection: Sofa and sofa beds

The ready-made sofa bed "Ambra" with 2 places with storage compartments, in high quality imitation leather, available in black and cream. It is a ready bed with an elegant and ergonomic design, ideal for furnishing a home, living room, living room or in public places such as offices and waiting rooms.

Ambra is a ready-made sofa bed, designed and created with an elegant and ergonomic design, using only top quality materials, able to maintain its beauty unchanged over time even after years of use.

The ready-to-read sofa "Ambra" has been designed to meet the needs of those who want at home all the comforts, even for sudden guests who will be able to enjoy comfort and relaxation with an easy and simple movement in fact turns into bed double thanks to the reclining back.
The elegant line of the "Ambra" sofa bed combined with a careful proportionality between the elements that compose it, give it a decisive character at the right point.
Furnishing your interiors with a sofa bed Modus Sofเฎ means buying an elegant and durable product where you can spend moments of relaxation and comfort.

Ready bed features:

-Size sofa 205x84 cm, height 89 cm
-Size sofa with lowered backrest: 205x104 cm, height 42cm
- Padding material: foam rubber
- Coating material: imitation leather
-With a container placed under the seat
-Dimensions container placed under the seat: 172x70x15 cm
- Side pockets for newspapers
-Brids with holes for glasses
- Packaging sizes: 179x111x35 cm (1 cartons)

All raw materials used are of high quality in compliance with current regulations