Corner Sofa Bed With 3 Seater Peninsula With Pouf MADREPERLA Container Ready Bed

by ProduceShop

Container sofa bed with peninsula

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Collection: Sofa and sofa beds

3-seater corner sofa with peninsula that converts into a bed, high-quality fabric, sofa with a modern and ergonomic design, suitable for the furniture of living room and living room, but also for public places such as waiting rooms. Available in beige, light gray, dark gray and brown.

The Madreperla double sofa bed has been studied and designed with top quality materials to ensure strength and durability over time. The padding of the cushions is in foam rubber to satisfy the maximum sense of well-being and relaxation for those who use it.
Mother of pearl turns into easy and simple operations from a corner sofa to a double bed, thanks to its reclining backrest and its pouf, in addition every element has the function of a container or a compartment.
The classic and elegant style of this model allows it to adapt to any environment.
Furnishing your interiors with a Modus Sofเฎ sofa means buying an elegant and durable product where you can spend moments of relaxation and comfort.

Sofa bed features:

- Total size: 220x143cm height 80 cm
-Size pouf: 116x57cm height 39cm
-Width 2 sessions: 187 cm
-Dimensions peninsula: 143x90cm height 80 cm
- Coating material: fabric
- Padding material: foam rubber
- Packaging sizes: 119x112x17 cm / 179x73x36 cm / 120x58x36 cm (3 boxes)
- Modular with peninsula positioning both on the right and on the left