Professional office chair

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SMARTBACK is a collection of chairs conceived for very intensive use in very demanding office environments. Polyback is also available in the H24 version. The collection has been designed with high technology materials that represent the maximum comfort and resistance.

BACKREST: made of high resistance white or black elastomerized polypropylene, supported by a polyamide glass- fiber reinforced blade in black finish, the lumbar support is adjustable in height by sliding lane with 100mm excursion (standard in the colours of the backrest).
SEAT: padding in fire-retardant expanded polyurethane, density 50 Kg/m3, with insert polypropylene reinforced by transverse steel bars.
1D armrest: (wide) T shape version black or white with black rigid nylon pad.
2D armrest: (height and wide) T shape version black or white with soft polyurethane pad.
4D armrest: (height wide depth and inclination) T shape version black or white with soft polyurethane pad.
MECHANISM: synchro with 5 programmed lock positions and standard integrated sliding seat.
BASE: white or black nylon fiberglass-filled or die-cast polished aluminum.
CASTORS: white or black rubber, self-breaking 50 mm (standard combined to the colour base), black rubber, self- breaking 65 mm (standard combined to the aluminum base).

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