Dot Wardrobe

by Kristalia Srl

Aluminum dressing room, equipped with light bars

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Collection: Complements

The concept behind the Dot Walk in Closet Wardrobe emerged as the successor to the Dot System Bookcase. The walk in wardrobe adapted this model to create a modern closet space that was more accessible and much more catered to the needs of the user. Moving away from the constricting design of classic closets, this wardrobe allows freedom of movement. Much like a library, closet items can be categorised and placed freely where desired.

Available in black, white or silver painted metal, each element of the closet, such as drawers, hanging sections or shelves, can be fitted to size, making the most of the full height and width of a room. A number of amenities can also be added to the basic frame of the wardrobe, including clothes-hanging tubes and light bars. Drawers can also be added either independently or attached to the frame itself.

Designer Monica Graffeo