Vanity PL7665-100280-CDN1


Ceiling lamp with cascade of crystals

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Collection: Addendum

Ceiling lamp, cascade shape, decorated with cut crystals in clear, grey and smoked colours, clear and grey listels in different sizes, and clear and grey drop-shaped elements, brushed nickel structure.

The crystal chandeliers collection Vanity is characterized by the preciousness and the luxury of its elements. This lighting work has been designed with the purpose of creating a chandelier made of crystal chains that stands out for its high quality and value.

Vanity is a chandelier made of a multitude of handcrafted pendant elements: drop-shaped pendants, lead crystals and Swarovski crystals decorate the Vanity collection chandeliers. Inside this cascade of crystal glass the light bulbs have been placed.

The light, that comes out passing through the pendant elements, creates a multitude of glares in the surrounding space. This is a real jewel-like chandelier, completely covered by tiny Murano glass and crystal elements.

This elements have been fixed on a neutral structure that disappear below the cascade of decorations. In the catalogue Vanity is proposed in crystal glass, but a wide range of shades and colours are available to customise this lighting work. Thanks to its size and magnificence, Vanity is a design crystal chandeliers collection perfect for the contract sector and for large projects.