BRERA BRETALE / table with wooden top

by Marzorati Srl

Canaletto walnut dining table

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Collection: Brera

Enhance the elegance and functionality of your space with our exclusive walnut Canaletto dining table from the Brera collection.
This design masterpiece is more than just a piece of furniture; it is the epicenter of conviviality, style, and Italian craftsmanship.
Walnut Canaletto, with its warm and enveloping tone, imparts timeless sophistication to the table.
Every detail of the Brera collection is crafted with artisanal precision, ensuring superior quality and durability.
A distinctive feature of our Brera dining table is the option to customize it to measure, perfectly adapting it to the dimensions and style of your space.
This option allows you to create a unique piece, designed exclusively for your vision of elegance and comfort.
With its clean lines and the warm texture of walnut Canaletto, this dining table becomes the focal point of every gathering, welcoming friends and family in an atmosphere of refined conviviality.
Choose the walnut Canaletto dining table from the Brera collection to combine Italian craftsmanship with bespoke customization.
Renew your dining room with style and impeccable functionality. Purchase it today and transform every meal into an experience of pure luxury.

Dimensions cm.: 225 x 113 x 79,5H