Modular panel made of sound-absorbing fiber

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Collection: Acoustic panels

Airform is a modular 100% polyester fibre panel designed for thermal and acoustic insulation. A special thermoforming process perfectly combines Trevira CS fabric and polyester fibres to create Airform’s distinctive and aesthetically appealing rounded sides, without requiring any support frames.
Printed or covered with fabric, Airform can be installed with only one visible side, along the walls, as a false ceiling or plafond, to correct reverberation without stifling creativity. The different installation systems available emphasise the product’s flexibility, making it suitable for all kinds of environments.

Data Sheet:
100% polyester fibre modular panel for heat and sound insulation, 33 mm thick, hot melt "ROUNDED on 1 side" to a thickness of 4 mm on all four sides.

Mounting System:
Wall or ceiling AIRFIX® T24 ceiling grid.

- Square:
600 x 600 x 33 mm
- Rectangular:
1200 x 600 x 33 mm

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