Panels of sheet metal with three-dimensional holes

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Collection: Acoustic panels

Steel plate panels with three-dimensional holes.
Perforated metal panels with holes of varying sizes to reproduce figurative or abstract images: this is Metalia. The Raster Punch® technology creates
timeless images filtered through a simple yet elegant interplay of light, for unique visual emotions enhanced by acoustic comfort.
Sound-absorbing materials secretly play their role below the surface, while a backlighting system lights up the room with a subtle charm.
A modern, attractive system to turn public buildings, homes or multi-purpose rooms into spaces that are pleasing to the ear and beautiful to the eye.
A window that gives onto comfort and wellness.

Data Sheet:
Painted 10/10 sheet panels, 20 mmthick rear polyester fiber pad; it can be integrated with other products (Listen, Concretech, Decovox) by changing panel thickness.
- Punched with patented system RASTERPUNCH with customised patterns and drawings upon request.
- Density 40 Kg/m3

Mounting System:
Wall M32.

600 x 600 x 16-18-21 mm
1200 x 600 x 16-18-21 mm
1000 x 3000 x 16-18-21 mm

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