Nył comp.08


Bathroom furniture, modular, with oval ceramic washbasin

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Collection: Atelier

Glossy bianco lacquered base unit. Top in planed rovere moro with ceramic countertop washbasin. Mirror with glossy bianco lacquered frame and LED lighting. Open wall units in glass with planed rovere moro back. Wall units in rovere bruciato Unicolor laminate with glossy bianco lacquered doors.

Aqua’s design experience and manufacturing tradition result in a bathroom furniture collection that creates new personal spaces in the room. With a timeless, elegant and sleek style, this collection features bathroom cabinets characterized by streamlined details, good-looking materials and craftsman-like finishes that please the eye and the touch. Every detail and every bathroom accessory of the Nył collection aims to maximum comfort and design: the framed mirror has integrated LED lighting, the units have side-end shelving and niches, to store every item you need. Attention to details has an expression in the customization possibilities: from the bathroom taps and vanities to the great number of finishes and colours.

W 306 D 50 cm