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Today, IDEAGROUP – leader in the bathroom furnishings sector – is a name synonymous with quality, dynamism, research, technology, flexibility, and maximising production capacity. Constant research animates all sectors of the group and results in innovative bathroom furniture and accessories; it is also the group’s underlying strategy to meet the challenges of the increasingly diffuse and demanding market of bathroom furniture.
Customer satisfaction is a constantly moving target. IDEAGROUP continues to hit the mark year after year thanks to the symbiotic relationship among four companies which manage to deftly respond to the market by offering a wide range of bathroom furniture, highly competitive in terms of design, quality, and price.

It is an international company with strong ties and roots in Veneto, a region which has preserved and developed the local values and traditions. A high value placed on work ethic has led to its becoming a major hub in north-eastern Italy; in recent years there has been exceptional growth, with a particular emphasis on wood craftsmanship geared for mass production. Our heritage – and something we must protect and nurture – is this strong affinity for hand-made craftsmanship combined with technological innovation, all amidst this bucolic landscape.