by Orsitalia Sas

Classic style day bed

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SOFIA by ORSITALIA: attractive bespoke benches for entry foyers, damask white cream upholstered end of bed storage bench bedroom, hotel lobby room for night area produced 100% in Italy by ORSITALIA. SOFIA by Orsiitalia, sitting benches for bedroom, is an Italian top class handicrafting home silver finish wood rolled arm design master bedroom stylish two seat contemporary baroque couch with comfortable pearl faux leather upholstered seat and without backrest. Sofia by Orsitalia art nouveau hotel lobby classic bench seating is carved both sides, OrsiItalia’s special tailor-made french baroque rococo design, and can be placed in the middle of any location to create a contemporary baroque luxury and comfortable waiting area, where the fine baroque and silvered wood’s carving will be visible from all angles. Orsitalia customize Sofia sitting bench for bedroom both in wood finish and in covers offering a wide choice of Italian textiles, even water repellent and fire proof, in many colors to better fit your Home Decor Design or Contract Project. Orsi Italia as Italian skilled producer since year 1955 will be able to support you in any step of your design project.
Sizes: W. 165 x D. 70 x H. 70