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via Delle Colline 58
20821 Meda (Monza Brianza)
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  +39 0362 72164
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Orsitalia Sas
INFO ABOUT Orsitalia Sas

Baroque or Rococo? Neoclassicism or new Baroque? Classic or modern design?
Orsitalia is all these things. The particular blend of production factors, such as the manual typical nature of Brianza area, skilful Italian master craftsmen and high quality of raw materials, create highly luxury furniture.
At the forefront of luxury furnishings all over the world, we at Orsitalia are successfully challenging our competitors with our “tailored” creations. Work by the most highly-skilled Italian craftsmen transforms every single piece of furniture a real piece of art.
Made to measure is in the Company DNA. “Hand-made,” “custom-made” are merely different ways of saying the same thing: individuality, uniqueness, and exclusivity of Italian goods, so deeply rooted in our ideas and culture.
Our history, since year 1950, of prestigious manufacturers of sitting rooms and bedrooms is now maintained and increased by the third generation of carpenters.
Orsitalia’s motto is “ Made to measure with total skill”.