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via Delle Colline 58
20821 Meda (Monza Brianza)
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  +39 0362 72164
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Orsitalia Sas
INFO ABOUT Orsitalia Sas

Orsitalia was born with the intent to translate the family know-how in a contemporary key, creating a company specialized in the production of custom-made furniture, strictly Made in Italy.
Orsitalia was born and continues to develop in Brianza, in Meda (north of Milan), a key point in the production of high quality furniture, both classic and modern.
Service is everything. Flexibility, competence, courtesy and punctuality are the pillars on which Orsitalia was founded, which makes use of the experience of the Orsi family, which has been working in the wood sector for three generations, and of the innovative entrepreneurial spirit of the young designer Matteo Orlandin, who is at the helm. The company is constantly growing to face the challenges of the Italian and international markets as winners and also the Orsitalia team is constantly evolving to ensure a service up to the standards of the company. Orsitalia not only deals with furniture and upholstered furniture, but also gives life to the dreams of its customers by creating beautiful custom spaces, including curtains and accessories in the project coordinated thanks to decades of experience in the textile field.