Armchair for theatres, concert halls, auditoriums and conferences

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Collection: Fixed seats

Gèmina comes from the Latin verb Geminare (to unite). The seat’s optimal use is in combination with other units to form rows or segments. It is ideal for entertainment premises such as theatres, concert and conference halls or auditoriums. Thanks to its ergonomic design it offers the spectator the upmost comfort even over a long period. There are two base models, each adaptable to any kind of environment: Gèmina Legno, with the backrest and armrest in wood and Gèmina Rivestita, which is wholly padded. The seat is very versatile and can be adapted to all projects. There are many accessories available: anti panic writing tablets attached to the backrest or armrest, wooden sound absorbing under seat shells, mobile seats, seat numbers.

Suitable for theatres, auditoriums and cinemas.