Vesta Standard

by Audia Italia Srl

Armchair with folding seat, simple and clean design

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Collection: Fixed seats

This basic version was developed for a good balance between price and quality, and with great attention to detail that associates Vesta with all the Audia’s products. The simple and clean design allows Vesta to fit into any type of space.

Vesta is not only a simple collection of armchairs but a modular system developed under a strong design thesis: permit the interior designer to have control over the chair’s final aesthetic. Like a great actress in the hands of a skilled director, Vesta exhibits a distinct personality, yet is willing to adapt to the script. Vesta’s geometrical shapes makes it immediately recognizable but thanks to the wide range of accessories, finishes and options, Vesta can perform in any kind of environment from the classic to the modern, casual, elegant or basic. The design and production are made in Italy as are all of Audia Italia’s Collections.

Suitable for theatres, auditoriums and cinemas.