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30020 Meolo (Venezia)
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INFO ABOUT Arlexitalia

With the clear purpose of transforming the bathroom into one of the main rooms of the house, Arlexitalia has become in a few years an Italian leading company in the luxury and design market. The company has steadily increased its market presence, product and name recognition both in Italy and throughout the world. Arlexitalia’s main markets are Europe, Middle East, North and Central America.

Arlexitalia, has been a leading producer of bathroom furniture since 1993. Situated close to Treviso, on the nord-east productive area of Italy, the factory today is about 3000 square meters.
Well-advanced paint booth, wood numerical control machinery, assembly and production lines are applied, in order to give the highest quality control of the product.

Arlexitalia has always been at the forefront of high quality bathroom design, production and innovation. Their product, as Class, Takai, Cube, Moon, Slide for instance, are collections essential and design concept made, moreover are functional, modular, available in a large variant of finishings.

Arlexitalia is very proud of its “made in Italy” workmanship and attention to detail. The goal of the company is to satisfy its customers with the best Italian made bathroom furnishings.
Customer–oriented, Arlexitalia is flexible but competitive and well suitable with market.