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Via Codop 62
33087 Cecchini di Pasiano (Pordenone)
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Azzurra Group Srl
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Forty years of promises kept.
Born in the 1980s, Azzurra developed two paths of strengthening its competitiveness: on the one hand, commitment to design and research, which saw the aesthetic appeal and the quality of the product continually raised, on the other That in the evolution of production technologies, aimed at ensuring high and steady standards.

A point of reference in bathroom furnishings.
Azzurra wants to represent, in the bathroom furnishing sector, a point of reference for quality and design. A commitment that he knows to be able to perform brilliantly, even at international level, thanks to the ability to interpret the best of Italian style and the experience of a highly professional staff. I am well aware of a know-how that derives from the roots of the structure in an area of Friuli Venezia Giulia with a great tradition of furnishings and an entrepreneurial vision aimed at the future and innovation.